Mike Costache

"Mike delivers! He is ambitious and drives the results."

Tiberius Vadan
Principal, KPMG

"Mike has been one of the most influential people in my life since I was 18 when he became my mentor. That was 15 years ago. The work that Mike has done for some many startup founders is truly amazing. I’m glad to call him a great friend and now to also be his client where I can finally start remunerating him for his invaluable advice and connections he has always provided me on a friendship basis."

David Fernandez
President, DFNDR Armor
(Los Angeles)

"Back in 2010, while I was VP of Sales at uberVu (acquired by HootSuite in 2011), Mike joined our Advisory Board and within a month he had a full grasp of our business and had opened no less than 50 doors for potential clients directly with the CEO of each company. All this while talking with VCs to raise capital as we were running low on the $1 million we had raised by that time from Eden Ventures from London. Mike clearly proved that he can pick up a new business venture, understand the underlying vectors that move an industry and apply his business acumen and network to produce results. I'd always work with Mike in the future and would trust his ability to lead any project. I ended up moving to Silicon Valley at his recommendation and shortly thereafter my startup was accepted to YCombinator. We’ve since raised $2.7 million from Khosla Ventures, SV Angel, Green Visor Capital, Digital Garage, Initialized Capital."

Razvan Roman
Co-founder & President, Two Tap
(Silicon Valley)

"Mike is a real "go getter", a person who delivers and makes things happen. I recommend working with Mike on any project. He has great contacts and is able to translate them into business!"


Len Judes
Partner, Stelios Americanos & Co.
(Israel & Cyprus)

"When I think "deal maker" I think Mike Costache. To say that he is resourceful would be an understatement. I've known Mike for a number of years and he continuously surprises me with the imagination of creating international deals by leveraging his vast network and untapped resources. His mind works 10 times faster than that of a regular business person."

Adrian Amariei
Founder & CEO, soceanIc

"Mike has an invaluable gift for recognizing opportunities and capitalizing on those opportunities in the right way and in a timely fashion. The fact that he seems to know pretty much everyone seems to also come in handy"

Philip J.P. Asquith
Co-founder, Green Gorilla & Ojai Olive Oil
(Los Angeles)

"Having known Mike since he was a college student at Pepperdine University, back in 1997, I can tell you that he was as motivated to succeed then as he is now, 16 years later. I consider Mike my greatest mentee who took the principles of "Think and Grow Rich" and surrounded himself with the most amazing mentors. He "successfully failed" to the top and eventually figured a way to reach out to world luminaries such as Warren Buffet, Donald Trump and Larry Ellison, and made money with them while representing their companies (NetJets, Miss Universe and NetSuite, respectively) in South East Europe where they had no representation at that time. When I started raising money from GWIN, Mike brought me the first $100,000. We ended up raising $24 million in multiple rounds prior to selling the company. To return the favor (12 years later) I was Mike's first investor in one of his social ventures, GeniusGiver. I would bet money on any project he is involved in. Mike has a great heart for the world and is always ready to share his business and social connections with those he trusts."

Wayne Allyn Root
Capitalist Evangelist, Author of 10 books, 2008 Libertarian Party VP Nominee
(Raised $24 million for GWIN)

"I’ve known Mike since 2002 when he offered to help with the organization I founded, Blue Heron Foundation. Shortly thereafter he took on the function of VP of Fundraising & Strategy (for the next 14 years) on a pro bono basis. From the very beginning, Mike shared our vision for helping orphaned and abandoned Romanian children, and over the years he played a vital role in developing the infrastructure of the foundation and raising money for the cause ($1.8 million so far). Mike also helped increase the organization’s visibility and funding by organizing large fundraisers. He demonstrated a great deal of generosity, intelligence, perseverance, business savvy, honesty and work stamina that one rarely comes across. I am very proud to be Mike’s friend and am for ever grateful for the priceless contributions he brought to the organization and ultimately to the disadvantaged kids we help."

Stefania Magidson
Founder & President, Blue Heron Foundation
(Los Angeles & Romania)

"In 2003 (when Mike was just 25 years old) I was serving as the Chair of the Business Division and I invited Mike to teach a class. Mike immediately created a 4-page syllabus and even came up with a catchy name (Success 101). He donated the salary back to the school and arranged for a major CEOs to come to speak each week to enlighten the students and to offer them internships. By the second semester, students had to apply to his course, as the demand was so high to participate in his class. Mike always showed great enthusiasm for any project in which he was involved. He is probably the best networker I have ever known."

L. Keith Whitney
Associate Professor of Business Law & Finance, Pepperdine University
(Los Angeles)

Brad Yasar

"Brad has been an invaluable member of our team, for both overall strategy and development of our product and technology."

David Mandel
Co-founder & Chairman, Change My Path
(San Francisco)

"Brad Yasar is knowledgeable about the crowdfunding space and the marketing efforts needed for a successful campaign. He takes pride in quality of work and his excellent work ethic results in very good outcomes. We worked with him on the XY - The Findables Company Reg A+ campaign, and so far, so good."

Arie Trouw
CEO & Founder, Ength Degree
(San Diego)

"I first started working with Brad when my company, Rayton Solar, was launching a Regulation A+ crowdfunding campaign. His team got us set up with a marketing plan and strategy that showed us results we were looking for. Brad was very professional and knowledgeable about marketing this specific kind of campaign. With his help, we were able to achieve over one million dollars in reservations within the first 2 weeks of our campaign launch. I highly vouch for and recommend him for his knowledge and experience in the field."

Andrew Yakub
CEO, Rayton Solar
(Los Angeles)

"Brad is one of the most experienced individuals that I have ever worked with when it comes to creating brand awareness and running online marketing campaigns. He has an incredible ability to know which networks are providing the best ROI at that time that result in the best reach for the client. I would recommend him for anyone looking to run the most effective marketing campaigns using the most up-to-date online tools."

Adrian James
Founder, Stockwire Research Group

"Brad is a colleague and a great asset. He is well versed in various industries and organization structures. His in-depth knowledge as an entrepreneur complements his skill set well."

Dennis Maliani, MBA-IT, PMP, CSM, ITIL
Sr. Technology & Business Consultant
(Los Angeles)

"Brad displays a great aptitude in understanding what the clients’ needs are. He is proactive, pays close attention and meets all requests. As an entrepreneur, he naturally rises to the occasion when presented with something he is passionate about."

Robert James
President, Robert James Clinic
(Los Angeles)

"Brad is an amazing organizer and really brings his skills into real world use so that any company he is working with can see quantifiable results on the bottom line. This is something that no other partner has been able to do for us, but his team, and specifically himself saved us thousands. Thanks Brad for your professionalism. Looking forward to continuing to work together."

Adam Melton
CEO, Green Packaging Asia