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Annelie is KrowdMentor’s Director of Client Success - ensuring projects stay on track from start and finish. She’s nurturing, patient, and always enthusiastic to get her hands dirty in the weeds, growing every project she touches to its full potential. Annelie is a natural green thumb, helping KrowdMentor tend and develop its garden of blockchain ventures.

Before KrowdMentor, Annelie used these skills at prior digital marketing agency. With her detail-oriented vision, project management and organization come naturally to Annelie. Working with KrowdMentor and companies on the cutting edge of the crypto industry allows her to bring her 15 years of strategic marketing expertise to a fast-paced, constantly changing environment.

Before making the shift into tech, Annelie brought her talents to the music industry. For more than a decade, Annelie worked in EDM doing event management and bookings for a boutique agency in North America, as well business development for an music publication, events and ticketing platform. During her time in the music industry, she honed her business development and client management skills and developed into the skilled relationship builder she is today.

Born and raised in Sweden, Annelie holds a Bachelor of Science (B.S.), in Physiological Psychology/ Psychobiology from The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). In addition to her passion for project management, Annelie enjoys physical fitness and holds a Personal Trainer Certification in Health and Physical Education/Fitness. When she’s not spending time with her one year old son or two cats, you can find her training for a marathon in her new Northern California home. 

“I love getting my hands dirty and getting involved - especially in the world of crypto. It’s global appeal and inherent borderlessness is fascinating, new, and exciting!”