Complex Transactional/Securities and Blockchain Attorney Lionel Iruk, Esq is a globally recognized corporate, securities and business transaction lawyer that represents public companies and private companies going public, both in the cryptocurrency and traditional securities space. He is chief counsel at Empire Global Partners LLC, and Iruke Law Firm, PLLC and serves as international special counsel for several private and publicly traded companies inside and outside of the United States. 

His practice focuses on corporate structures and international business compliance affecting enterprises seeking to deploy token sales in favorable jurisdictions around the world. He has provided legal services for many top cryptocurrencies, representing several hundred million in market cap.

He currently provides legal counsel and strategy for NAGA (NGC), SKYCOIN (SKY), TRIGGERS/BLOCKSAFE (TRIG); EBOOST(EBST), UNIVERSA (UTN), OPEN TRADING NETWORK (OTN), GENESIS VISIONS (GVT), SPECTRE.AI (SPEC), ZIFTR, GUARDIUM, ALARIS and several other PRE-ICO and Direct listing blockchain companies entering the cryptocurrency space.