Erik Kindel is a very accomplished writer, creator, soothsayer, and demiurge who has been helping entrepreneurs and companies in Los Angeles produce compelling content, speak clearly, and tell unique stories for the past five years. He is KrowdMentor’s Senior Content Strategist. 

Erik is best known for his storytelling abilities and has worked with financial and tech pioneers across California that need help telling their own. He assisted StartEngine with its transition from startup accelerator to groundbreaking equity crowdfunding platform and then helped to create some of the earliest successful equity crowdfunding campaigns to be featured on that platform. He has written and developed mobile games with YouTube stars, provided industry-leading thought leadership to venture capitalists, ghostwritten for video game pioneers, and helped companies raise tens of millions of dollars. And that’s just in the last three years. 

In his free time, he enjoys writing horror and science fiction. Erik holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from Reed College in Portland Oregon, where he completed his undergraduate thesis on science fiction’s role in shaping the future. Originally from Pennsylvania, he currently lives in Los Angeles. He is passionate about his work, collections of fiction, and or being your next Dungeon Master.