Chief Branding Officer

Andrei Bucur is a self-taught branding aficionado. He works only with friends, and he never works with anyone who is not part of the "pure hearts society".

His friends call him a branding genius as he "spits" out designs like a bread-making machine on fire. He creates (in his sleep) branding names, corporate identity booklets, websites, and all the branding assets required for special projects. Like other artists, his creative juices allow him to bring to life magic when given the proper time. Hint hint. Andrei is 37 years old and has never had a biography until now when he was "forced" to be public with his involvement on the executive team of KrowdMentor, d10e and Karma.

Andrei has a degree in Mass-media and Advertising from the Romanian National University for Political Studies & Public Administration. In his "spare" time, he enjoys cooking, teaching cooking, industrial design and riding classic scooters. He resides in the countryside, right outside of Bucharest, Romania with his high-school sweetheart and their two children.